Five Tips to Avoid Extra Costs When Hiring a Sydney Removalist

Are you planning a house move and looking for ideas to work within a limited budget?

Moving does not always have to be costly, with several common-sense ways to cut moving costs. To start with, you need to plan and prepare well in advance. We have put together a few tips to help you avoid extra charges when moving home.

Avoid Moving in the Peak Season
Planning is the key to making your move smooth and if you are flexible with your moving date, make sure to book your move in the off-season.

The date and time of the year you plan to move can significantly affect the cost. Summer is peak season with removalists often heavily booked out, but if you have to move in Summer, then try and move on weekdays.

Weekends and holidays are in demand, and you will notice removal companies increase their price.

Declutter and Get Rid of Items You Don’t Use
Another way of saving money is by carrying out a home removals survey. You can inspect items and decide the ones you want to leave behind. Consider selling furniture pieces that will not fit into your new space. By getting rid of junk and unused items, you can lower costs and make your move smoother.

Find Free Moving Boxes
For the process of shifting, you will need sturdy boxes, and you may find plenty of these in supermarkets, book stores and local shops. You can even check with friends and family and collect boxes before moving. Ensure that the boxes are in good condition and that there are no signs of damage.

Another option is to use a box rental company like Renting boxes is often much cheaper, and the boxes are of superior quality.

Save On Packing Supplies
Many removal companies include the cost of packing in the quote. You can discuss the same with your company and save on the packing products. If you can manage to get bubble wraps, boxes and paper, communicate the same to the removalist.

Compare Prices
Choosing the right removal company is an important decision and requires consideration of several factors. Make sure to do research and compare quotes to get the best deal. You can even check reviews online and inform your company that you are flexible about the moving dates. Some companies offer a discount if you move on a weekday.

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