The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Removalists in Melbourne

When the time comes to move to a different home, finding cheap quality removalists in Melbourne is difficult.

What criteria should you factor in when comparing the cost of removalists companies?

And most importantly, how can you trust the removalist to do a good job?

Searching ‘cheap removalists in Melbourne‘ will deliver thousands of results – and not all of them will be what they claim.

Removals Compare ensures you only deal with highly recommended movers.

We provide customers with a search engine for quality, cheap furniture removals in Melbourne.

You can submit your removals job for moving your home, office or factory on our platform. We also can find furniture removalists for local, interstate or international moves.

All furniture removals companies are background checked, customer reviewed and verified.

Removals Compare gets you 3-4 quotes from Melbourne movers a few minutes after submitting your job.

Submitting a job is as easy as providing your inventory and tellings us when and where you want to move.

Selecting a mover that will provide a good experience and stress-free move requires understanding the factors that contribute to the cost.

This article will help you get the most bang for your buck. Learn what to look out for when hiring cheap movers that will leave you happy with the service provided.

Save By Changing The Size Of Your Move

The size of the move refers to the items you need to move. Melbourne removals companies refer to it as your inventory list and include items such as:

  • Pianos
  • Furniture
  • TV and AV equipment
  • Painting
  • Boxes and bags

Your item inventory list includes all items big or small that you wish to move with you.

The size and quantity of the items determine the truck size the mover has to bring for the move. It also affects the number of people needed for the job.

One way to reduce the cost of removals in Melbourne is to minimise your item inventory.

Make a list and label items that you need to move, sell, give away, or donate. The fewer items you need to move will result in a cheap removals quote without compromising on quality.

The Distance Traveled Affects The Price Of Your Move

The distance you are moving will significantly affect the cost of moving.

When you wish to hire cheap removalists in Melbourne, consider hiring local companies. The travel time from their location to your pick up or drop off address will lead to a discount.

If you need to move inner city or interstate, the removalists need to have appropriate licenses and permits, contributing to the cost of hiring them.

Services included in the move.

Primarily service that any removalist quote will include:

  • Picking up packed items and loading them onto the moving truck.
  • Unloading them at the place of destination.

A removalist will assume this is the basic service offered.

A removals quote won’t include things such as:

  • Packing and unpacking the items into boxes
  • Packing materials like boxes and bubble wrap
  • Storage of items
  • Disposal of items.
  • Assembly of items

Getting the removalist to do any of the above tasks will affect the price. 

The best way to get a cheap removals quote in Melbourne is to prepare for the move. 

If all items are well packed and waiting at the door, you will greatly reduce your cost. 

Removals Compare makes the process easy for both the customer and the removals supplier. The system does this by:

  1. Having an inbuilt inventory list that automatically tallies up the total cubic meters needed. 
  2. Automatically matching customers moving house with suitable suppliers in their local area.
  3. Checking the background of removalists to ensure they provide great care when moving furniture.
  4. Movers in Melbourne can collect reviews through our system.

We know customers care about

  • Will the mover be careful with my belongings?
  • Will they be professional on moving day?
  • Will they provide a cheap price and do a great job?
  • Using the Removals Compare system delivers reliable, trusted, quality removalists quotes in Melbourne.

Trust Removals Compare to provide the best local cheap removalists’ services in Melbourne, without compromising quality or service.

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