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Moving your home is a big task which should not be handled alone. Fortunately, our professional house movers in Melbourne can quickly help you with the moving process. No doubt, the current pandemic has made it more challenging to work with removalists. Safety protocols are a top priority in decreasing the dangers of COVID-19. In the current environment, we suggest you maintain social distancing from removalists.

Here are some tips to survive moving with your removalists during the pandemic. We are constantly reviewing the covid-19 update to ensure your home removals are in line with the safety guideline.

Health and Safety While Moving

Ensuring safety protocols whilst moving is key at Removals Compare. See below some of the health and safety precautions we are following:

Sanitization — Before the day of the relocation, it is advisable to designate a free space for your removalists to wash hands and towel them dry. Arrange a towel, sanitiser, and soap for them. Always maintain 6 feet from movers. Additionally, it is best to ensure all boxes, doorknobs, handles, each piece of furniture, and entry areas are sanitized.

Discussions — Discuss each aspect of the move with professional movers beforehand. Their suggestions will reassure you of the move and it can be done faster. Enquire about the essential equipment to complete the relocation. If you have a particular type of furniture or it is too large, discuss with the removalists how to pack and move the said piece.

Instructions — It is essential to give clear instructions to the house removalists about your furniture and electronics. Clearly label fragile items and tell them if it needs extra care. Feel free to sell excessive items online at least a few weeks prior. It will help you to decrease the cost of moving. Moreover, you will get some extra cash after selling additional goods that help pay for the removalist service.

Disassemble — Some special items such as baby cots or beds need to be disassembled to avoid any breakage. If possible, try to avoid handing over this task to removalists. Disassembling and packing it down will hugely increase the odds of these items is useable again.

Recommendations — Professional house movers can help you with different aspects of relocation. With their assistance, you can move faster without any mistakes. Before hiring anyone, it is essential to ensure that they are following safety protocols.

After hiring a highly recommended moving company in Melbourne, you will receive assistance with the following, that will ensure a stress-free moving day:

  • Moving trucks with all the required equipment.
  • Necessary equipment for furniture removals like trollies.
  • Sturdy boxes to pack and move your furniture.
  • Advice on the movement of large furniture.
  • Procedures for international relocation.

How To Get Multiple Quick Removals Quotes!

Tell us the Details About Your Move:

When providing the details for your removalist quote, fill in a quick quote form with your basic requirements, or include the entire inventory list. Having an inventory list helps the removalist company to understand exactly what you are moving, allowing them to provide a more accurate quote for the removal services in Melbourne.

Receive an accurate house mover quote that includes the travel charges and other miscellaneous expenses.

With our Melbourne removals, you can save on moving while having the peace of mind that your move is being taken care of by an experienced and professional removalist. Our companies adhere to rigorous standards and will deliver services to your complete satisfaction.

Finding the right relocation company is essential to ensure that your possessions get moved safely. Forget the hassle of wrapping up things at the last minute and trying to move everything yourself, hire professional house movers in Melbourne.

Searching for the best house movers in Melbourne in terms of price and service quality can be difficult. Our platform allows you to compare quotes from a range of quality removalists making it easy for you to make the right choice.

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